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It is Possible for You to Broaden Your Business Reach Without Working More Hours

As an entrepreneur, do you find yourself working 24/7 in your business with little time to strategize for growth? Maybe you’re feeling stuck in what seems like a never-ending cycle of tasks that are all necessary to keep your online business moving. Moreover, you can’t seem to find any extra hours in your day to actually build or implement all of the new ideas that you have.

You’ve even tried out a virtual assistant or two, but you’ve found out the hard way that it only seems to add more for you to manage.  In the end, the day-to-day tasks still fall back to you and you are simply exhausted. This isn’t the way you planned it.

You became an entrepreneur to impact the world.

After all, you’ve started your business to impact the world while also sustaining the lifestyle you wanted. More time, the freedom to travel, and the ability to pursue your passions. You’ve worked hard to build your company from the ground up and you love your business but now you’ve reached the point where it’s time to expand. Yet, you feel so overwhelmed juggling the day-to-day tasks that you just can’t find the time you need to strategize your next step to level up.

But there is a solution to grow your business in a sustainable way, where you get to take your proper place as strategic CEO, and continue leaving your impact on the world as an entrepreneur. In brief, you need a professional online business manager (OBM).

Sabine Professional Online Business Manager

Your Ticket to Personal Freedom and Business Growth

Hi! I’m Sabine. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the struggle of letting go and trusting someone else with the business that you’ve dedicated so much time to develop. You need someone that truly understands your mission and will dedicate themselves to the high level of quality that you provide. Instead of another worker bee, you need someone who will effectively take on your workload as well as strategize with you to improve and expand your business.

My passion as an online business manager (OBM) is helping purpose-driven female entrepreneurs, just like you, to achieve both meaningful success and freedom with their business. Let me hand you a ticket to enjoy a day or even a week off while I work on your day-to-day management tasks. With over three years of experience in the online business world, I’m ready to walk with you to help scale your business to the next level.

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I’m an Online Business Manager (OBM) Turned Soulful Entrepreneur.
Here’s How I Can Help

Project Management for Your Business

Let me help bridge the gap between your ideas and reality! First, we will strategize and plan your ideas. Then I will help execute your vision by managing your projects from start to finish. Streamline the entire process of delegating tasks to your team members and managing project timelines with a project management system tailored precisely for your needs.

Systems & Ops: Scale Your Business

Your day-to-day process and routine must have structure and function efficiently before you can prepare for growth. In order to scale your business in a healthy way, I will audit your current systems and provide a custom framework for your business. Then you will be able to dedicate more time to your true passion.

Strategy & Launch Support for Your Business

It’s time to be more strategic with your business so you can broaden your reach and impact more lives. Not only am I here to brainstorm with you, but also to help implement through campaigns or product launches. From online course creation, sales funnel optimization to tracking success, take advantage of my experience to help move you forward.

OBM: Manage Your Online Business

As a matter of fact, running a business is hard work. From project management to systems creation to day-to-day operations, you have a lot on your plate. Rely on me as your online business manager (OBM) to ease your burden and provide you with more time to truly direct your business. I will provide custom solutions based on your needs, ensuring that no problem goes unsolved.

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